Teen star Shin Se-hwi's 'Schoolgirl Complex' furore

Teen star Shin Se-hwi.
PHOTO: Instagram

Eighteen-year-old celebrity Shin Se-hwi was embroiled in controversy after posting various photos and remarks on her instagram account.

Photo: Shin Se-hwi's Instagram

Shin uploaded a photo of the books that she recently purchased, along with the words "I opened my wallet today and used all of my money up."

Three of the books in the photo are from an album series "Schoolgirl Complex" by photographer Yuki Aoyama. The magazine series has photos of young girls in short pants or Japanese school uniforms, which are associated with the "lolita complex," which sexualizes underage girls.

Photo: The Korea Herald

Fans and Instagram users were enraged at the post, leaving various comments below the uploaded picture.

Shin replied to the controversy by commenting "This isn't related to that. It's just a school uniform."

However, things turned worse as Shin put up another post saying "Shut up," infuriating the public even more.

Photo: Shin Se-hwi's Instagram

Shin later deleted the three controversial posts, and left a long piece of writing to give feedback.

"I didn't realise that the situation was dead serious," she said.

"I have learned a lot from this and will not let such a mishap reoccur. I am sorry to all my fans."

Shin Se-hwi has been plucked out of obscurity after she starred in boy group iKON's music video. After signing a contract with an agency, she appeared briefly on a few variety shows. However, Shin not made her official debut as an actress yet.