Teen's girlfriend questioned over fatal accident

INDONESIA - The Jakarta Police have questioned Fajrina "Arin" Khairiza, 14, the girlfriend of musician Ahmad Dhani's youngest son, identified only as Dul,13, who has been named the suspect in a fatal traffic accident on the Jagorawi toll road, which killed six people and injured nine others.

Arin's father, Sugeng Suparwoto, said he had accompanied his daughter for questioning and acknowledged that he was impressed with the police's handling of the situation.

"Arin was questioned today [Friday]. As a parent, I was impressed by how the investigators ran the questioning session," Sugeng said as quoted by tribunnews.com on Friday.

He then said that he stood alongside his daughter while speaking with journalists as she was a minor.

"Please understand that she is still underage. We need to accompany Arin to provide her with psychological support so she can get through this,"he said.

He added that Arin was physically OK but was feeling stressed due to coming under the media spotlight since the accident.

"The questioning was held at [Jakarta] Police headquarters. I fully support the police's investigation into the case," he said without elaborating further.