Thai actress fights off man who broke into home and tried to rape her

THAILAND - Police arrested a man last week, who was suspected of attempting to rape an actress and former television singing contestant.

Prajuab Poobualom, a 24-year-old construction worker reportedly made a full confession that on Sunday night, he attempted to rape Kannapat "Preme" Worabawormpat, known for appearing as a contestant on the KPN Award programme three years ago and her recent roles in sitcoms.

Police said Prajuab was drinking with other construction workers after working on the road in the actress' village in Nonthaburi province. After getting drunk, he put on a ski mask and broke into Preme's home, as he reckoned there was a pretty girl living in the house.

According to a report on Bangkok Coconuts via Asian Town, Prajuab added the doors were unlocked, so he had no trouble entering the home.

Preme resisted and fought her attacker before ripping his mask off. Prajuab decided to escape and joined other construction workers for more drinks.

The 25-year-old star was admitted to Nonthaveij Hospital where she received 40 stitches on her eyebrow. The actress reveals she is still traumatized, but has received support from her colleagues, Sanook reported.

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