There'll be BTS Coca-Cola cans and bottles in July

ARMY, get your wallet ready because Coca-Cola will be releasing limited edition cans and bottles with the mugs of K-pop group BTS plastered all over them.

The photos on the cans and bottles depict the members holding a bottle of the beverage and hamming it up for the camera.

If you're wondering why they're even on the cans/bottles at all, the K-pop group is now the spokesperson for the drink brand in Korea.

But here comes the bad news: the special packaging will only be available in convenience stores and supermarkets in Korea - for now. So if you know anyone heading to Korea soon, you might want to ask them to bring it back for you.

But we'd suggest not opening the can or bottle unless you want to see a geyser-like spew of the drink after it has been through a tumultuous journey in the person's checked-in luggage. (But we're hoping it'll at least be available at the Korean convenience stores in Singapore!)

For now, please enjoy this video of the K-pop group in a Coca-Cola ad with Korean actor Park Bogum.

Can we also talk about the fist-bump between real-life besties V and Bogum?

This article was first published on CLEO Singapore