They are the TVB queens-to-be

In the last couple of years, viewers of TVB dramas saw four of the Hong Kong broadcaster's top female stars - Myolie Wu, Kate Tsui, Fala Chen and Tavia Yeung - leave in pursuit of careers in China.

But fret not if you are wondering whether that means there will be no more eye candy on TVB dramas.

As The New Paper on Sunday found out yesterday, there are still plenty of gorgeous babes at the station.

A group of rising stars - Selena Li, Mandy Wong, Tracy Chu, Ali Lee, Grace Wong and Rosina Lam - are gradually gaining prominence, scoring meaty lead roles and winning accolades.

The six women sent temperatures rising at last night's StarHub TVB Awards 2016 - an annual local celebration of the best in Hong Kong television - where they strutted down the red carpet at the Marina Bay Sands skating rink.

Fans of these TVB queens-to-be said their idols had something in common - they were not one-trick ponies, and they toiled their way up.

"Mandy definitely worked very hard. It was a slow climb for her to the top and I am really happy to see her playing main roles now," said Ms V.V. Tan, 24, a human resources executive.

Mandy Wong, 33, started her career in 2007 with cameos and uncredited appearances, followed by a slew of supporting roles.

To her fans' delight, she won a My Favourite TVB Female TV Character award for legal drama Law dis-Order.

Another winner in the same category, 28-year-old Chu, snagged her first and winning lead role in time travel crime thriller Over Run Over only after Myolie Wu and Kate Tsui had turned down the part.

Television still: Wish And Switch, starring Selena Li and Myolie Wu (right).

"Tracy will be one of the next queens of TVB - there's no doubt about it," said Ms Alicia Ting, 19, a student at Temasek Polytechnic.

"She has the looks and the X-factor, and her acting has improved greatly since her debut in 2013."

It also helps that these ladies are down-to-earth, interacting with their fans as though they are friends.

Li, 35, whom local audiences might recognise from her role in Channel 5 comedy Spouse For House, "has not changed one bit" despite her increased popularity, said long-time fan Jessica Lee, 27, an administrative officer.

Li was one of six winners in the My Favourite TBV Female TV Character category.

Ms Lee said: "I've followed Selena's career for 10 years. At events, she behaves the same way as when she was a newbie. She truly cares for her fans."

A total of 16 awards were presented at the StarHub TVB Awards 2016.

Viewers can catch the delayed telecast on Oct 29 via TVB First (StarHub Ch 860) in the original Cantonese.

It will also be aired on VV Drama (StarHub Ch 855) and E City (StarHub Ch 111/825) on Nov 5 and Nov 12 respectively.

This article was first published on Oct 23, 2016.
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