T.O.P regains consciousness, officially dismissed from military duty: Reports

Big Bang rapper T.O.P
PHOTO: Reuters

After three days of being warded in the intensive care unit, Big Bang member T.O.P has reportedly regained consciousness.

Korean news outlet Star News reported that an official from Ewha Womans University Mokdong Hospital had stated that T.O.P's vital signs are currently stable and he could be moved to the general ward soon.

The official added that doctors have advised for T.O.P to be referred to the mental health department for a psychiatric assessment.

T.O.P has also been stripped of his military police role.

Photo: AFP

A notice of prosecution for illegal marijuana use was sent to the rapper on June 8, K-pop news site Soompi reported.

This means that he will be sent home instead of his military squadron once he's discharged from the hospital.

If T.O.P is sentenced to more than a year and six months of imprisonment, he will not be able to continue his military service anymore.

However, he might be given a chance to serve in the military if he receives a sentence shorter than 18 months, said news outlet AllKPop.

AllKPop added that T.O.P's mother and platoon leader have both revealed that the star's condition has improved.

When asked if he made eye contact and recognised her, T.O.P's mother had only replied, "Yes".

Meanwhile, the Big Bang member will remain in hospital where he's been receiving treatment after being found in an "unconscious" state on June 6 due to an apparent overdose on prescribed tranquilisers.

The rapper issued a hand-written apology following widespread backlash regarding his marijuana use.


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