Top South Korean movie star Lee Byung-Hun marries

SEOUL - Top South Korean movie star Lee Byung-Hun, one of the best known faces of the "Korean Wave" of popular culture, married actress Lee Min-Jung on Saturday.

The 43-year-old, who starred in last year's blockbuster costume drama "Masquerade", told reporters the wedding was "a dream come true" shortly before tying the knot with longtime girlfriend Lee.

"There was thunder and lightning this morning. There is an old saying that thunder and lightning are a good sign for newlyweds. We will do our best to live a long, happy life", the bride said.

Lee Byung-Hun is well known as the star of a number of popular television dramas, including the spy series "Iris", as well as for his films.

His role as a swashbuckling gambler in the pan-Asian hit series "All In" has earned him a particularly devoted following in Japan.

As well as "Masquerade," which swept last year's national film awards, Lee starred in the 2000 hit "Joint Security Area" and this year he reprised his role as the villainous ninja Storm Shadow in the Hollywood action blockbuster "G.I. Joe: Retaliation".

He also features in the Hollywood action comedy "Red 2" starring Bruce Willis.

Lee Min-Jung became a household name for her supporting role in the mega-hit high-school TV drama series "Boys Over Flowers".