Veteran actor Patrick Tse angrily slaps co-star Kenneth Tsang

Veteran actors, Patrick Tse (the father of actor Nicholas Tse), Kenneth Tsang, Joe Junior and Bowie Wu Fung attended a press conference of a TVB travel variety programme, Four Amigos Bon Voyage.

The organiser held a segment to celebrate Tse's birthday, and the other three veteran actors happily sang birthday song to him. However, after the press conference, Tse started to show his displeasure and said during an interview, "Do not let me talk. I will not say anything nice."

When asked what he was unhappy about, Tse said that he would only speak after the TVB executives and sponsors were gone. After the personnel left, the four actors accepted an interview together, and Tse started to air his displeasure on Tsang, accusing him of faking his illness during the filming.

He said, "If you have difficulty walking, we would take care of you, but I did not expect him to be on the wheelchair for 2 to 3 days. He was sitting on the wheelchair all the while. It felt like he was toying with us! Yesterday, I heard you [referring to Tsang] had a nosebleed for four hours."

Unable to contain his anger, Tse swore at Tsang, and asked: "How come you are not dead yet?"

Tsang replied, "I am not dead yet. I had an injection to stop the bleeding."

Tse said, "I know you more than anyone else!"

The 79-year-old Tse suddenly stood up and hurled more expletives, and went forward to slap the 80-year-old Tsang.

Bowie Wu Fung, who was seated in between the two, tried to prevent the fight, and his glasses were flung away during the commotion. After hitting Tsang, Tse was still not appeased, and said, "Everyone is being bulled by you, but I won't let you bully me."

He then angrily stormed out from the room.

After the incident, Tse accepted an interview and said, "I have to hit him. Have you seen me so angry before? I have been filming for 20 years and I have never been so angry in my life."

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