Veteran entertainer Marcus Chin defends his views on love

Veteran entertainer Marcus Chin defends his views on love

Singapore - For seeing someone more than 30 years younger, he has been called colloquially as the "old cow" feeding on fresh and tender grass.

Local veteran entertainer Marcus Chin came under fire for having an affair with his personal assistant Eileen Cheah back in 2009. He was 56 and she was 24. While going through a bitter fight against his estranged wife over her maintenance, Chin had to defend his actions against the public's mounting distaste towards him.

Now, 8 years on and a daughter later, the couple has broken up. Taking their daughter with her, Miss Cheah returned to Malaysia and married a local there. Even so, Marcus Chin has no regrets over his decisions on dating someone with an age difference of over 30 years. He believes that love transcends age, and that one does not have to conform to societal norms when it comes to matters of the heart.



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