Vic Chou to star in new Taiwanese drama after 9-year hiatus

Taiwanese actor Vic Chou is returning to Taiwan showbiz with thriller drama Danger Zone after a nine-year hiatus.
PHOTO: NOWnews/The China Post, Asia News Network

TAIPEI — After a nine-year hiatus, Taiwanese actor Vic Chou is returning to Taiwan showbiz with the thriller drama Danger Zone produced by iQIYI.

He attended a press conference on Wednesday (Jan 13) to announce the new cast members of the show, which include Sandrine Pinna, Christopher Lee, Berant Chu, Tseng Chin-hua, Teresa Daley, and Wu Hsing-Kuo.

The drama is co-directed by David Chuang and Kuan-Chung Chen, and both are the directors of Netflix’s drama The Victims’ Game.

Sandrine Pinna and Vic Chou at the press conference on Wednesday.
PHOTO: NOWnews/The China Post, Asia News Network

In the new series, Vic plays three identities: a lawyer, a crime analysis expert, and a prisoner.

This latest collaboration between Vic and Sandrine has been 20 years in the making since they starred in the romance series Poor Prince in 2001.

The trailer released on Wednesday begins with Vic in a prison uniform, revealing that he ended up in prison after he solves countless cases as a criminal psychologist.

In the press conference, David the director said Vic’s traits are similar to the character in the drama.

Asked about whether Vic would revise the script, David said he always discussed it with the directors. “All are constructive suggestions,” he said. “They provide a clearer picture of the character.”

Chou married Reen Yu in 2015. The picture was taken in 2018. PHOTO: Facebook/Reen Yu

Vic married Reen Yu in 2015, and she gave birth to their daughter the following year.

Asked about their plans for a second child, Vic shot down pregnancy rumours and said: “I don’t like to plan. If it happens, it happens; let’s go with the flow.”

Danger Zone is expected to be released on iQIYI International this year.