Vicki Zhao shows off her million-dollar French vineyard

It's not unusual for celebrities to dabble in various businesses outside of showbiz.

But it seems like Chinese actress Vicki Zhao is amongst the most prolific ones when it comes to investments.

Photos of her luxurious vineyard Château Monlot, St-Emilion Grand Cru, that is located in the region of Bordeaux were recently revealed on the property's official Weibo page.

In the pictures, employees at the vineyard could be seen hard at work. There were also close-up shots of grapes that the winery uses.

Photo: Weibo

As expected, the vineyard's posh exterior looks just like that of a classic French residence.

Photo: Weibo

Along with her entrepreneur husband Huang You Long, the couple reportedly spent 4 million euros (S$6.4 million) on the seven-hectare Southern France property back in 2011.

At the time of Monlot's sale, former owner Bernard Rivals told wine media brand that Zhao had a "soul" feeling for the property, just as he had when he bought it in 1990.

Photo: Weibo

The accomplished actress launched wines from her Bordeaux Château Monlot label in 2015, offering both high-end and affordable choices.

Zhao is not the only member of the celebrity wine club though. Former basketball player Yao Ming and film star Carina Lau are also said to be in the wine industry.

Photo: Weibo

"Wine is getting more important in the Chinese lifestyle," Zhao told back in 2015.

"It is great to share wine with friends, it is something I do all the time," said Zhao.