Vicki Zhao's apartment sold illegally by personal driver

Chinese actress Vicki Zhao and her husband recently had their residence sold by their driver in a fraudulent transaction, South China Morning Post (SCMP) reported.

The report said that the driver successfully posed as Zhao's husband, Singaporean businessman Huang Youlong, and passed a public notary's facial recognition test to obtain a relevant legal document. The driver then passed on the actual sale of the apartment to a third party.

The buyer of the property has filed a court case in Beijing after Zhao and Huang, who didn't know about the sale, refused to vacate the premises, SCMP said.

SCMP quoted a real estate lawyer as saying that the incident was "unbelievable" as there are complex legal procedures in place, such as verifications of one's identity and signature, to prevent fraudulent sales of a property.

"You have to have all the steps fail, and all the people blind, to make this happen," the lawyer told SCMP.