Watching women give birth scares her

Her new movie may be called Hello Babies, but actress Karena Ng is in no hurry to welcome one into her life any time soon.

She says watching YouTube videos of mothers giving birth to prepare her for a labour scene in the movie scared her.

"Before the day of filming, I watched about 20 clips of women giving birth on YouTube. I got frightened watching them," says the 20-year-old Zhejiang- born actress, who plays an expectant mother, over the telephone from Kuala Lumpur.

She was there to promote the Chinese New Year movie earlier last month.

The Hong Kong ensemble comedy explores the generation gap in thinking when it comes to having children. Her character, Shan Shan, gives birth to a daughter, much to the disdain of her traditional father-in-law, who favours boys over girls.

In real life, Ng's boyfriend is TVB actor Raymond Lam, 34, who is rumoured to have proposed to her.

Debunking the rumour, Ng says matter-of-factly: "Wedding proposals are only a formality. One will not propose without being prepared to get married. Nowadays, young people get married only after their career is stable.

"It's been only three years since I debuted. I feel that I'm not ready to get married. I'm only 20. Right now, I want to focus on my career."

That is a mindset that the film's producer and seasoned actor Raymond Wong, 67, hopes will attract people to watch the movie.

In a separate telephone interview with Life!, he says: "A lot of young people don't want to have kids. The topic of babies is one that gets people interested to watch the movie."

He plays a tycoon Lei Ming who gives his grand-nephew and his wife an ultimatum - carry on the family line or lose his financial support. To ensure the childbearing mission is completed, Lei Ming even engages a superstar midwife to supervise the unwilling couple.

The festive flick also stars funnymen Eric Tsang and Ronald Cheng, and actresses Fiona Sit and Sandra Ng. Karena's boyfriend Lam has a cameo in it.

The chatty Wong says that he is no pushy dad in real life, but admits he hopes for a new addition to the family.

"My son just got married and, of course, I hope to have a grandchild soon. I won't push him, but I'll drop hints," he says. His screenwriter son, in his 30s, got married to Karena's manager last year.

Ng says that when she does settle down eventually, she would like to start a family. "I hope to have my own family one day. When I get married, I definitely want to have kids. Only then will I feel that life is complete.

"I think I'll be quite a relaxed mother. I'll be a friend to my children. We can confide in each other. We can go shopping together. I hope to give my child a warm environment to grow up in."

The doe-eyed beauty adds: "I'll give myself another 10 years to work at my career before I consider marriage. I find my work very satisfying."

Unfortunately, her career ambitions and films - horror flick Baby Blues (2013) and romantic comedy Love Is... Pyjamas (2012) - have been overshadowed by her romance with Lam, whose father is a prominent property developer.

The celebrity couple have become fodder for gossip magazines, with alleged reports of Ng's requests for extravagant gifts, from a car to a house.

In response, she tells Life!: "It's not true, I haven't received these (big-ticket items). It's too much of an exaggeration. Still, I understand that this is part and parcel of working in showbiz. Every celebrity will have to face the glare of the media."

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