Wax figures fail to impress at Chengdu's copycat Madame Tussauds museum

A wax museum in China has become a hit for featuring the "worst" celebrity wax figures.

According to China's English news site CCTVNews, the figures of Asian celebrities such as Stephen Chow and Zhang Ziyi were made as part of a tourist attraction in Chengdu, China to give visitors a close-up experience with the stars.

The attraction, however, seemed to copy the famous Madame Tussauds exhibition but failed in its attempt, added CCTVNews.

Wax figures of Asia's leading actors and actresses are not only unidentifiable, they are also dressed in old-fashioned outfits and 1980s tracksuits. Many netizens who saw photos of the figures online have also dissed the hairstyles given to the sculptures.

Many social media posts have criticised the badly-made figures. One Sina Weibo user, @Qingjiaowoyuezhuer, said: "I am afraid of seeing them".

"It seems that visitors will be terrified of these figures when they take a close look," commented another user, @Mochashiwozhushi.

Click on the gallery to see the wax figures that critics have said are the stuff nightmares are made of.