We’re going K-pop style for our next song: Norwegian comedy duo

We’re going K-pop style for our next song: Norwegian comedy duo

They became an Internet phenomenon in September when the Youtube music video for their hit song the Fox went viral. It has since attracted over 230 million views.

Now, Norwegian comedy duo Ylvis want to challenge themselves to work on a K-pop hit.

Brothers Vegard and Bard Ylvisaker expressed their fascination with Kpop during the 2013 MNet Asian Music Awards press conference on Friday. The event, which was held in Hong Kong, was attended by more than 200 international media outlets.

The energetic pair drew laughter as they demonstrated onstage some dance steps from K-pop girl group Crayon Pop's hit song Bar Bar Bar.

Ylvis and Crayon Pop had met up earlier this week to discuss their joint performance at the awards show last night.

"We didn't know much about K-pop, and coming to this (event) really opened our eyes to what K-pop is all about. Bar Bar Bar is so catchy that it's stuck inside our heads now," Vegard said.

The 34-year-old added: "We also heard that there's a group called Big Bang, which is very good, so we can't wait to see them perform.

"For our next song, we are going to go with K-pop style."

On The Fox, Bard, 31, said: "When we released this video two months ago, it was just like any other video we had done in the past, so we didn't expect this to explode the way it did. This is all still very overwhelming for us."

He added: "We were sort of inspired by (K-pop star) Psy and his song Gangnam Style, as we love how he injected comedy into his lyrics and video."

'Great Energy'

"He has great energy and attitude. It's strange that people sometimes compare our video to his now."

Crayon Pop member Way sang praises of Ylvis, saying: "They left an impression on us as they really put in the effort to learn our song's dance steps for the performance.

"I could tell that they had difficulties with it, but they tried to keep up." Ten acts - including EXO, Icona Pop and G-Dragon - attended the threehour press conference, appearing on stage separately and answering a few questions from the media.

While Ylvis are inspired to look East in their music, K-pop superstar G-Dragon wants to grow his presence in the West.

The 25-year-old leader of boy band Big Bang revealed that he recently recorded a song with Canadian pop star Justin Bieber.

He said: "We didn't meet up specifically to work on a song. Sometimes, ideas sprout from these meet-ups and that leads to a collaboration. Perhaps we can release the new song that we recorded by the beginning of next year."

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