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'We would have a huge quarrel every 3 days': Fann Wong on maintaining relationship with Christopher Lee

'We would have a huge quarrel every 3 days': Fann Wong on maintaining relationship with Christopher Lee
Fann Wong shared that she and Christopher Lee got to understand each other better with time.
PHOTO: Instagram/Fann Wong

Local celebrities Fann Wong and Christopher Lee are known as the It couple in Singapore because of their romantic relationship that spans more than two decades.

While they shared many happy moments together in front of the camera, Fann recently revealed that they have their own fair share of down moments too.

In a post on Xiaohongshu yesterday (June 20), the 53-year-old actress was asked how she maintains a relationship with Christopher, given that it seems they never had any disagreements.

Fann, who married the 52-year-old in 2009, shared: "We do. I feel that a healthy relationship has its own highs and lows and there would definitely be quarrels… A relationship without them is unhealthy. These are opportunities to get to know each other better."

She also said they used to argue frequently.

"We would have a huge quarrel every three days and small ones every two days. Our friends were afraid because Christopher would complain to them after that," Fann said.

However, after a period of time, it stopped.

"I remember asking him, 'We didn't fight recently?' and he agreed. Maybe he felt that we shouldn't anymore because there is no purpose to it. We would try to understand each other better… and stopped arguing eventually," she explained.

Fann was also asked how Christopher wooed her and she shared that they started off as friends who got to know each other better over time.

"He didn't really woo me in any specific way, he was just very patient with me," she said, adding that they got together eventually because of fate occurring at the right time.


There was even a period of time when she thought they wouldn't get married.

"As long as we live our own lives well, that was good enough. But Christopher is very patient and he knows how to take care of me well. I remembered he gradually talked about our future together… and he continued to talk about it… That gave me assurance, which was why I let my guard down and accepted him later," Fann shared.

When asked if they check each other's mobile phones, she said that while they don't do it, she doesn't rule out peeking when Christopher wants her help in replying to messages occasionally.

She explained: "When he shows his phone to me, I don't feel there's anything to see. He also doesn't look at mine. Whether to check it or not, it also depends on whether the other party wants you to do it. He feels that I trust him, so he wouldn't want to do anything that would hurt me."

Fann also praised Christopher for giving her a lot of assurance — by calling her constantly and being worried when she doesn't pick up the call.

She added: "I think time flows naturally for us and there isn't anything like the seven-year itch. Maybe it's because we have been together for such a long time so we do not have the concept of time. In addition, both of us are busy with our work, so we treasure our time together even more."

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