Weapon & woman

What is the best thing about filming Channel 8 police drama C.L.I.F 3?

For the two leading men, Li Nanxing and Qi Yuwu, who play cops in the show, the answer is: Guns, and girlfriend, respectively. Veteran actor Li said it was fantastic handling a real gun for the first time after having played a cop on TV more than 10 times.

Singapore-based Chinese actor Qi said the possibility of spending time filming scenes with his girlfriend, local actress and co-star Joanne Peh, will be most enjoyable for him.

Two weeks ago, The New Paper caught up with the pair during an intense training session at the Home Team Academy. They were being taught how to handle live firing for the drama's new season.

C.L.I.F 3, which starts filming soon, will premiere next April.


Li, who previously used props in his cop roles, was so nervous about handling a real gun for the first time that his hands were shaking during training.

In the show, he plays the captain of the Specialised Crime Division of the Criminal Investigation Department who patrols the red light district.

Li, 49, who was also in C.L.I.F 2, told TNP: "It's so vastly different to feel the power of a real gun.

"It was very difficult squeezing the trigger. I had to really get used to it and the recoil pushed my entire body back many times.

"But the test run proved to be quite successful. I hit the target 16 times out of 20."

Qi, 36, was also equally impressive at the firing range and matched Li's skills. But he admitted that was because he had used a real gun before in another show.

He said cheekily: "Am I a good shot? How many hits do you want me to get? I'll do it."

In C.L.I.F, Qi and Peh, 30, play friends who become lovers.

His character is a member of the Police Intelligence Division and she plays the head of the Investigation and Reports Branch in the Traffic Police.

It is the first time the couple will be working together since they hooked up in March.

Said Qi: "I cherish all the time I get to spend with her because, due to work commitments in different countries, we are often apart.

"So I'm definitely looking forward to the scenes that we're both acting in. That's really the best thing about the upcoming season."

But when asked how their real-life relationship will affect their reel-life relationship, he conceded that he wasn't sure how it would pan out.

He said: "I have mixed feelings about this. Working together is very new to us, but I want to remain open-minded and I don't want to think too much about it.

"We will know how it is when we get there. It won't be a bad thing, but I'm sure there will be difficulties.

"Just like how it is when you work with your mother or friend, it's the same with us. You need time to adjust to it."

- Additional reporting by Noor Ashikin Abdul Rahman

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