When fans play detective

When in doubt, turn to pecs and armpit hair.

Fans of EXO frustrated by Kris's silence on the scandal involving Chinese model Lin Xi Ya have taken it upon themselves to play detective.

They have compared the naked torso of the sleeping man in the leaked picture to pictures of Kris.

Their conclusion?

Kris' chest looks bigger. Plus, many pictures show Kris with unshaven armpits (unlike the noticeably hairless sleeping man).

Wrote netizen No_Min in jest: "Lesson: If you don't want to get caught, shave your armpits. Totally legit."

Local EXO fan Christina Liga said that even if Kris had dated Lin, Exo fans should respect his decision.

The 17-year-old student said: "I wish he would clarify the situation with us.

"Even if he wasn't the man in the picture but was her friend or had dated her before or is still dating her, he should tell us.

"Whichever the situation, we as his loyal fans will respect it.

"Being in a boy band doesn't mean that you cannot have a personal life to speak of.

"I don't like it when the word 'scandal' is used. For some people, that is simply considered casual dating."

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