Where's the witch?

Supermodel Naomi Campbell (right) with The Face winner Devyn Abdullah, a reality TV modelling competition.

British supermodel Naomi Campbell swooped into town on Thursday to make her Singaporean catwalk debut at Digital Fashion Week.

The four-day festival — held at the National Design Centre — opens today, with Campbell on the catwalk for Singaporean designer Zenchi.

At 5pm, an excited group of journalists and fashion designers gathered at Eden Hall, the British High Commissioner’s Residence at Nassim Road to bask in her glory.

It wasn’t until 7.30pm that Campbell, 43, made her entrance.

But what an entrance.

She was devastatingly beautiful in black-and-white, her face flawless.

“Flight delay,” she claimed, offering apologies. In between that and the smiles, all was forgiven.

There was no sign of the infamous Campbell temper that used to make assistants, journalists and fellow models quiver in fear.

Where’s the witch with a “B”?

Campbell has been making the rounds with the media, and reports are that the fiery model has mellowed.

She was polite and articulate during the question-and-answer session (the media was not given an opportunity to ask questions — only the host was allowed to do that)­ — a picture of detached professionalism.

That was until she discovered that the winner of The Face, Devyn Abdullah — a reality TV modelling competition that Campbell appears on and is the executive producer of — was in the room.

Campbell let out a delighted yelp and bounded over to Abdullah.

“Oh, this is such a surprise,” she exclaimed excitedly. “Oh my God, oh my God, I can’t believe it.”

She added, with obvious pride: “She’s beautiful, isn’t she? I’m so happy to see her.”

Her mood was clearly lifted.

Despite that, Campbell aired some comments about The Face’s reality TV rivals.

“I do not watch other modelling competition shows, but I’ve heard many times that the girls are never seen after they win.

“So it’s very important to us that the girl who becomes The Face, she’s launched right away. I want the girl to start working immediately.”

Her girly side came out when she revealed her plans for her day in Singapore.

“I’m happy to be here...I know I’m going to go shopping after. I’ve been saving up my time and not buying any gadgets!”

She was looking forward to food, too.

“Definitely spicy food... I’m part Chinese and I’m so happy to eat, I can’t wait!”

Campbell is part African, Jamaican and Chinese.

When the press conference was over 10 minutes later, she was overheard asking where to shop for gadgets.

“It’s an entire building of gadgets?” she asked.

And when she spotted someone taking a photo of her with a white mobile phone, she went after the guy to find out the model.

Campbell was a girl in gadget land.

She was driven off in a limousine, having cast her spell on the media. We were charmed.

Now, if only she had a spell for punctuality.

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