Who is the highest-paid woman in music this year?

Step aside Taylor Swift, because Beyonce is officially the highest-paid woman in music. According to Forbes, she earned US$105 million pretax this year.

The article also stated, "Lemonade was a hit with both critics and fans, giving Beyonce her sixth solo No. 1. The ensuing Formation World Tour, much of it falling into our list's scoring period, grossed a quarter of a billion dollars."

Joining Queen B on the list are Adele who earned US$69 million, giving her the number two spot. Taylor Swift came in third with US$44 million and Celine Dion got the fourth spot by earning US$42 million this year. Finishing off the top five is Jennifer Lopez with US$38 million.

After announcing their list, Forbes brought up the issue of equality in the music industry. "Despite the success of the female stars on the list, there are regrettably still more than twice as many men than women among music's top-earning stars." We hope the women on this list continue to change that.

Congratulations, ladies!