Why 2NE1 are hot


Take a look at most of the K-pop girl groups today and you will be inundated with an overdose of cutesy or sexy girls. But 2NE1 are a breath of fresh air with their funky and edgy fashion styling, making the quartet stand out from the other seemingly homogenous girl groups in the scene.


2NE1 are not afraid to try different musical styles, such as hip hop in their debut track Fire (2009) and reggae in 2013's Falling In Love. Their willingness to experiment with genres shows the group's versatility and vast potential as artists, which make fans look forward to more each time.


YG Entertainment is creating buzz around the globe, thanks to its stable of superstar artists including Big Bang and Psy, who have churned out phenomenal chart-topping tracks in the past two years. All eyes are on YG's only girl group 2NE1 to follow in their seniors' footsteps.

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