WINNER's Nam Tae-hyun sparks controversy over rude behaviour

K-pop rookie boyband WINNER in one of their photoshoot shots taken in New York City

K-pop boy band WINNER member Nam Tae-hyun has sparked controversy for his alleged rude behaviour during "GS& Concert 2014" on Saturday.

The rookie group participated in the concert at Jamsil gymnasium in southeastern Seoul, along with other veteran pop singers and groups including Psy, Girl's Day, Sistar and Ailee.

During the performance, WINNER's leader Kang Seung-yoon gave introductory comments amid loud cheers from fans. As the atmosphere got very charged, Nam interrupted Kang and talked down to the crowd, snapping, "He's talking," apparently telling them to be quiet.

Kang, bewildered by Nam's unexpected behaviour, gave a perplexed look but soon resumed his comments.

The video clip of Nam's attitude had soon been posted online, and instantly became an issue of contention. Some viewers criticised Nam's behaviour as "impolite," while others consider it as a friendly gesture of addressing his fans in an excited tone.

WINNER debuted in August with its first full album "2014 S/S."