Working on We're The Millers was a hoot: Emma Roberts

American actress Emma Roberts plays runaway homeless teen Casey in We're The Millers, a comedy about a small-time drug dealer, David, who disguises himself as a suburban dad and hires a group of losers to act as his family.

The 22-year-old says she enjoyed playing the juvenile delinquent as she got to "do a lot of eye-rolling, and huffing and puffing".

Roberts speaks about her experience working on We're The Millers.

What drew you to this film?

I remember reading the script the first time and thinking it was one of the funniest scripts I had read.

It was not just hilarious and outrageous, but also had this heart to it about family, and I thought that was really cool.

To have such an outrageous comedy and still have something to ground it is rare, so it was awesome that the movie had that.

Can you tell us how it was to work with Jennifer Aniston (who plays stripper Rose) and Jason Sudeikis (who plays David)?

I've always been...a fan of Jennifer, so to get to work with her was really, really cool. She was so nice. We hung out a little bit outside of work and she was just the sweetest, most down-to-earth person.

And Jason was hilarious. He was really funny. A lot of the stuff in the movie he ad-libbed, and we would be dying laughing, trying to hold it in so we could get through the take.

What was it like to work with such a funny cast?

It was tough... We would just try as hard as we could to keep a straight face, and when we did laugh, we would just try to stay in character, which was definitely hard.

So many scenes were shot in the big recreational vehicle (RV). Was that an issue?

We were definitely all pretty sick of the RV by the end of it, because we had shot on a stage inside the RV for months at a time... So, we spent a lot of time in there.

This film is a comedy, but there's also a sweetness to it. What do you think of the journey that these characters are on together?

It was nice to have such a funny comedy levelled out by the heart that it has.

It is kind of about family and, in a way, your family can be just people whom you consider your family, and it's nice that the Millers kind of make their own little family.

I like that you get to see that at the end.


We're The Millers is showing in cinemas now.

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