The world might get a Latina Disney princess soon

PHOTO: Pixabay

Disney fans, rejoice! A new princess is apparently in the works and she's set to be the first Latina on the roster. However, we have a few questions.

Page Six reported that Lin-Manuel Miranda is helping create the character. His father, Luis, told the outlet that the Latina princess will appear in a Moana sequel. If you think about it, it's kinda weird considering that Moana is Polynesian, so how will the new girl fit into the storyline?

On the other hand, Disney already has a kid's show with a Latina princess: Elena of Avalor. But the problem with this character is, as The Guardian noted, her roots aren't specified and that her story may have happened during pre-Columbian colonialism. This might also explain her having Euro-centric features.

There's another problem: If this Latina princess will appear in a Moana sequel, she wouldn't be dubbed as an official Disney Princess in the future. According to the rules, a princess should play a primary role but not in the sequel. Moana will obviously still be the protagonist in the next film. (Then again, this Latina princess' solo film must also be a box office hit-but not too successful-in order to be crowned.)

This new project is still in the works and not a lot of details are known yet. So we just have to wait for Disney to unveil their new project in the near future.

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