'X-Files' actor Duchovny gets Hollywood Walk of Fame star

Los Angeles - "The X-Files" actor David Duchovny got his star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame, a day after the cult television series returned to small screens to fanfare in the US.

"It's surreal, it's a surreal moment and it's a surreal event, everything just seems... it feels like something coming out of a movie, in a strange way," joked Duchovny, 55, who plays Special Agent Fox Mulder.

Mulder and his partner Dana Scully, played by Gillian Anderson, returned on Sunday for a mini series to great excitement among "X-Files" fans.

"I'm never confident about a success, but I'm confident that we made a really good show again," said Duchovny, who won a Golden Globe in 1997 for his turn as Mulder and again in 2008 for his role as Hank Moody in the hit comedy-drama series "Californication."

The latest "X-Files" received decidedly mixed reviews from critics.

"Like Mulder, I want to believe, but with a messy new beginning like this, Chris Carter (the producer) and crew are making it pretty hard," wrote Kaly Soto in The New York Times.