Xiang Yun and Edmund Chen's son Yixi launches website selling own illustrations and watercolour artwork

PHOTO: Facebook/Chen Yi Xi 陈一熙 and Instagram/Chen Yi Xi 陈一熙

Local actor Chen Yixi was brought up in a different environment from most of us and his peers — his parents are akin to the Kanye Wests and Kim Kardashians of our world.

My point is that his parents are household names. It's a fact that not everyone has an Edmund Chen as a dad or a Xiang Yun as a mum. 

While that probably brought its own set of challenges growing up, it also provided the 30-year-old with an early peek into the arts and media industry. He was immediately hooked and particularly fascinated with the visual arts.

Given the freedom to explore that interest over the years, it's amounted to him starting his own business The XI Atelier, or The Eleventh Atelier.

Yesterday (July 1), he announced on his personal Instagram page the launch of his website. His online shop was on Etsy prior to this.

Yixi, who graduated from Nanyang Technological University, School of Art and Design Media in 2016, said in an interview with SingSaver that he's been an actor for four years and selling his artwork for three. 

At The XI Atelier, you can find a variety of pieces he's done – from botanical illustrations to familiar sights in Singapore. An art piece from the Open Edition is priced at $28 while one from the Limited Edition goes for $78.

PHOTO: Facebook/ Chen Yi Xi 陈一熙

When it comes to style, he generally dabbles in illustrations and watercolour works. He would also practise his art whenever he's overseas. 

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His latest heritage series include paintings of iconic landmarks such as the Katong Peranakan shophouses. 

Personally, I'm a big fan of his work titled Building Bonham. The 620mm x 810mm artwork (pictured below) comes at a cool $850.

PHOTO: LivingwithArt

Being in the arts scene, Yixi knows of the effort needed to stay afloat in Singapore. Whether it's having side hustles or strict rules when it comes to allocating monthly payments, artists can make a decent living according to him in the interview with SingSaver.

Also, he's a bit of a neighbourhood kind of guy and is generally not big on pricey cafe food and $6 coffee.

In the Instagram announcement, Yixi also reminded his followers that they should keep their eyes peeled for more to come.

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