Yewon under pressure to quit show after tiff

SEOUL - South Korean singer-actress Yewon, or Kim Ye Won, is under increasing pressure to quit the popular television show We Got Married over her squabble with actress Lee Tae Im.

We Got Married is a popular MBC TV show that puts celebrities in a mock marriage situation. The show, now in its eighth year on air, is also attracting keen attention in Asia, with two global editions and one Chinese edition successfully launched.

The controversy, which occurred about a month ago, was recently reignited after footage of the squabble was posted on YouTube.

Although it was initially thought that Lee had picked on and sworn at the younger celebrity in a rant, the recently released video showed otherwise.

While filming a new variety show for MBC in which celebrities try to learn new skills, Lee quit the programme after the incident was publicised. Lee, however, cited personal and health reasons for the decision.

In the latest video, Yewon is heard speaking to Lee in informal language that might be seen as discourteous.

In response, Lee berates Yewon using coarse language. After Lee is guided away from the scene by production staff, Yewon is heard saying "that crazy b****".

The footage quickly went viral in South Korea and has given rise to numerous parodies.

As the news spread, the message board for We Got Married has been flooded with posts demanding that Yewon give a formal apology and quit the show.

MBC is attempting to verify how the video was leaked and is taking legal measures.