This is your chance to learn Daenerys Targaryen's language


One of the most badass scenes in Game of Thrones has to be when Daenerys Targaryen faced off with an Astaporian slave master in season 3. He basically degraded her and called her a "dumb b*tch," thinking she wouldn't understand anything. Little did he know, it was her mother tongue. Let's just say he turned to ashes shortly after.

Since Daenerys is a crowd-favourite among GOT fans, many have wondered how and where they can learn the fictional language. Well, look no further because Duolingo delivered awesome news.

High Valyrian, an old variation of Valyrian that's used by the Red Priests of Essos, is now available via Duolingo. It suggests you can take five minutes of your day to learn it through its game-like methods. You can also personalise your lessons, like opting whether you want to activate your mic to practice speaking Valyrian words and sentences.

What's also great about Duolingo is it reminds you to take your lessons every day. You can choose to ignore it, but based on their Twitter account, Owl seems to be a bit hostile.

Just kidding!

Anyway, you have four days until the Game of Thrones season 8 premiere. That's enough time to learn basic High Valyrian and impress your friends during your viewing party. All that's left are actual dragons to complete the fan experience.

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