Yura's aggressive buttocks 'attack' Hong Jong-hyun

Yura from Girl's Day at a concert performance.

KOREA - Hong Jong-hyun and Yura of Girl's Day amused viewers of MBC's virtual marriage show "We Got Married" with an awkward butt yoga move.

In the latest episode aired on Saturday, Hong and Yura had a couple's yoga lesson with a professional yoga instructor.

In the "square move," where two people make a square together, Hong suddenly burst into laughter when he saw Yura's buttocks slowly approaching his face. Yura, totally concentrating in the difficult yoga move, did not realise that her buttocks were "attacking" her virtual husband's face.

When the yoga instructor demanded that the couple shift in positions, Hong was at a loss.

"I was looking away when you were doing the butt move," he protested to Yura, demanding that she do the same for his embarrassing butt move.

"A real 'hot yoga' indeed," the model husband muttered at the end of the square move, driving the viewers into laughter.

Afterward, Hong burst into laughter whenever the word "butt" came up in the conversation.

"Seriously, I have never seen him laugh out that loudly," Yura later confessed.