Ericsson and Apple sign patent license agreement, settle litigation

STOCKHOLM - Swedish telecom equipment maker Ericsson on Monday said it has signed a patent license agreement with Apple Inc but did not specify how much it would earn from the deal.

Ericsson estimated however that its overall revenues from intellectual property rights in 2015 would hit 13-14 billion Swedish crowns (S$2.1 - S$2.31 billion), including positive effects from the settlement with Apple, up from 9.9 billion in 2014.

Last January, Ericsson filed a complaint against Apple over mobile technology licence payments, responding to a lawsuit from the iPhone maker earlier that month.

Analysts had earlier estimated that if the dispute with Apple went Ericsson's way, the US firm would have to pay it between 2-6 billion Swedish crowns annually, based on estimates of levels of handset sales and royalty payments per phone.