ERP payment: LTA replies

We thank Mr Lee Kim Loong for his feedback ("Allow delayed payment of ERP charges"; Dec 6).

The Electronic Road Pricing system is designed to deduct ERP charges at the point of usage via a stored-value card.

When the IU is detected without a card or when there is insufficient value in the card, the collection of the ERP charges has to be managed in a more lengthy manner, as it involves back-end checking, processing and subsequent collection of the charges through other channels.

The administrative fee is introduced to recover these additional costs incurred.

We assure Mr Lee that the Land Transport Authority is always looking at new ways to improve service quality for motorists.

Currently, motorists can opt to pay their ERP charges via credit card when they sign up for the MotorPay scheme.

For motorists using the new dual-mode IU, they can also opt to automatically top up their Cepas-compliant cards, such as ez-link or FlashPay cards, whenever there is insufficient balance to make payment.

Such schemes ensure that motorists do not have to worry about non-payment of ERP charges.

Besides these schemes, we are also studying Mr Lee's suggestion to see if it's feasible to develop schemes to allow motorists to pay just the ERP charges after they have passed the gantries.

Helen Lim (Ms)
Media Relations
Land Transport Authority

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