Fake China herbal tea being sold in Singapore

SINGAPORE - Singapore authorities are investigating the sale of illegal fake herbal tea from China in restaurants and mini-marts here, The Straits Times reported.

The fake herbal tea being sold here was brought to the local distributor's attention after Chinese police caught four perpetrators resealing more than 2,500 red cans of Jia Duo Bao with their own blend.

The perpetrators, who were creating the counterfeit products in southern Guangdong, wanted to capitalise on the popularity of the drink, whose name means "to add more treasure". The drink reportedly outsold Coca-Cola in China at one point.

Jia Duo Bao is also the sponsor of popular television programme The Voice of China. The herbal drink is marketed as a healthy beverage that keeps the body 'cool' internally.

It remains unclear what ingredients were used to create the counterfeit products.

AVA said that enforcement action will be taken against any party which has committed an offence.

Jia Duo Bao Singapore is the sole distributor of the drinks here and informed consumers that they can identify a genuine product by a sticker pasted on the underside of cans.

It is believed that the fake tea has been sold in Singapore for some time and a check by The Straits Times found cans without the sticker identifying them as genuine still being sold at eateries here.

Mr Wu Guoliang, marketing development manager of Jia Duo Bao Singapore, told The Straits Times that the distributor is working closely with restaurants, eateries, coffee shops and importers on ensuring proper food safety.

However, he noted that many sellers may continue to sell counterfeit products as the prices are low.