Famous instant noodle brand pulled back into food scandal

Tainted dried tofu products continued to come to light thanks to the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) yesterday as it published the latest list of affected companies goods that includes Wei Lih Men sauce package, a well-known instant noodle brand, and many other tofu manufacturers.

Several months ago, Wei Lih Men became involved in the oil scandal by misusing tainted oil that had been mixed with animal feed oil, and had to pull all of its products from the shelves.

Although it launched new products, the tainted tofu case has once again dragged the company back into the food scandal. The company already confirmed that it has used tainted tofu products and will recall all products from the shelves.

According to the FDA, the number of problematic products that have to be pulled from the shelves has increased from 36 to 73 items, including fried bean curd products from Da You Tofu Factory, Wang Guang Hong Tofu, Yu De Hang and Re-Shan Food Co. Ltd.

In addition, famous dried tofu manufacturers such as Wani Food Co. Ltd., Weihsin Foods and Tai Chen Hsiang are also involved. So far, authorities have recalled 12,750 kilograms of tainted products, according to the FDA.

The dried tofu scandal was first revealed by Hong Kong authorities after they revealed the discovery of chemical agent dimethyl yellow, an industrial dye that may be hazardous to human health, in a well-known Taiwan dried tofu brand on Dec. 16.

Authorities then traced the source of the raw materials the company used to produce the tainted products. Authorities said that a Tainan-based company, Qian Hsin, was the main supplier of this company.

After being in business for more than 20 years, Qian Hsin has become the main supplier of many other food companies, raising public concerns regarding food safety issues again.

The FDA had already issued a recall order for all the problematic products, saying that food companies should pull tainted products before Dec. 21.

Dealing with the Food Scandal

Responding to the recent tainted dried tofu scandal, the FDA stressed that dimethyl yellow will be listed as one of the main focuses when inspecting tofu products in the future.

According to Health Minister Chiang Been-huang, authorities have discovered dimethyl yellow in candies and products other than tofu in the past. However, the recent tofu scandal reveals a necessity to reflect on the old inspection system. In the future, health departments will place greater focus on dimethyl yellow.

In addition, Chiang also emphasised that as people may have concerns over soy sauce - a kind of bean product - therefore soy sauce will be a focal point of the food inspections next year.