FAS, not Fifa, should be promoting football

I disagree with Mr Peter Wadeley's call for Fifa, football's world governing body, to invest in the sport here ("Fifa should invest more in Singapore football", Monday).

Fifa might have spent lots of money promoting football, but most of its investments were in more economically backward countries.

In these places, football can steer young children away from crime and drugs, and give them a future to work towards.

Armed with determination to give their families a better life, these children tend to work harder on their technique and skills.

In contrast, children in Singapore are generally better-off. Their main concern is to do well in their studies. What attraction does football as a career hold for them?

So why should Fifa be the one pumping money into local football? Should this not be the Football Association of Singapore's (FAS) job?

As the local football governing body, the FAS should ensure that playing football can be, and will be, viewed as a possible career.

The FAS should be making sure there are good pitches around for football games, employing more scouts to look for budding talent, and sending coaches to Europe to learn the best practices there.

If the FAS has good plans, I am sure the Government would be more than happy to chip in to ensure a buzzing football scene here.

There are so many things the FAS can and should do. Let's attempt to get the infrastructure right before trying to do anything else.

Donovan Chee

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