Fast car sharpens its claws

Like its F-Type Roadster sibling that was launched last year, the F-Type Coupe is stubby, squat and purposeful. It is visually identical to the Roadster below the waistline. This means a brooding, feral face with gaping oval grille and aggressive side "whisker" intakes; big wheels and tyres that fill the arches nicely; and rear sheet-metal muscle in the crisply defined haunches that drape and flare over the rear wheel arches.

The V6 S variant is a consummate all-rounder - achingly pretty, exhilarating to drive hard, yet also an accomplished mile-eater. But for ultimate visceral thrills, the R Coupe is unbeatable. But whichever model rocks your boat, it's clear that the F-Type Coupe doesn't have to sit in the shadow of the E-Type, because it's brilliant in its own right.

For the full details, read our cover story in the June issue!

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