A feast for the eyes and mind in BT Weekend

The Business Times' Weekend magazine heads north this weekend, first with a gastronomic tour of Bangkok, and then an examination of the best that Kyoto has to offer, from black wagyu sirloin to chilled somen noodles.

The culinary smorgasbord continues elsewhere in the magazine, as we look at what makes Singapore's chefs the international champions that they are.

Also in the issue, The Weekend Interview finds out how Reuben Ang is bringing fresh ideas to food catering business Elsie's Kitchen.

In the main paper's Brunch feature, read about how Singapore's libraries came to be, and where they're going.

If you've exhausted your entire Instagram feed this weekend and watched every cat video in existence, fret not. The Offbeat column introduces you to two more YouTube channels you will not be able to stop watching.

As next Monday beckons, Fine Print finds out if you truly need to fight wars to vanquish your enemies, with a look at a Sun Zi-inspired book on business.

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