Feeling lonely? You can now rent a man from company in Japan

Ladies, the next time you're feeling lonely, take a trip to Japan. 

Once there, Ossan ("middle-aged" in Japanese) Rental might be the solution to your lonesomeness. 

For a small sum of $12 per hour, you will be able to rent a middle-aged Japanese man of your choice.

After that, he's yours to bring around town. He can accompany you while you run errands, have lunch, or even visit relatives. 

Ossan Rental was created in 2012 by Takanobu Nishimoto, a 48-year-old fashion stylist who decided to give up his daytime job to become a professional ossan - a service he pioneered.

In an interview with Rocket News last year, Nishimoto said that by himself, he managed to secure over 1,500 rentals in less than three years and that 60 per cent of his customers had asked for second and third dates. 

Nishimoto also revealed that most of the women who asked for dates simply wanted a listening ear, or someone to give them advice on what to do. 

If you feel you could use the experience of an ossan yourself, here is a list of services Ossan Rental provides: 

- Personal tour guide 

- Relationship advisor

- Personal stylist

- Shopping buddy

- Someone to visit relatives with you

- Someone to have meals with you

Other services that aren't listed above can be discussed and arranged with the ossan himself, and if it agrees with the company's terms and conditions, you're good to go!

So if you're interested in finding an ossan for yourself, why not have a look at their website for more information and pictures of ossan you might be interested in.

Who knows? You may just be on the next flight out to Tokyo.