Filipino firm inks deal to bring Yellow Cab Pizza to Singapore

THE Philippines' leading casual restaurant operator Max's Group Inc (MGI) is launching its Yellow Cab Pizza brand in Singapore as part of offshore expansion.

MGI said it had signed a deal with a family-owned company, Pagh, to build at least five Yellow Cab Pizza parlours in Singapore.

"We are confident that our mainstream offerings and value proposition will allow us to stay competitive alongside some of the biggest global food names," said MGI president and chief executive Robert Trota.

Singapore has a population of only about 5.4 million but its consumers have strong purchasing power and high propensity to dine out.

This is the fourth brand development agreement inked by MGI for this year, translating to a total of 116 international stores set to be opened over the next few years.

MGI envisions operating at least 200 outlets overseas by 2020.

Pagh was set up to invest in the casual dining business.

"We recognise that Yellow Cab Pizza offers a different, more exciting experience than the brands currently offered in Singapore.

"Singaporeans are discerning in their food experience.

"We are, therefore, confident that Yellow Cab Pizza will be the Singaporeans' place of choice for American-Italian casual dining," said Pagh director Tiara Chopra.