Find balance of arts, sciences

The report on Aug 24 ("Fewer Lit students a worrying trend") struck a chord with me.

It is definitely cause for concern that students here seem to value science subjects over arts-related ones.

The humanities are extremely important in enabling us to understand the nuances of being human. They allow us to delve deeper into the world of anthropology, a place filled with passion and discovery. The humanities are forms of art.

The arts capture philosophical ideas and theories that pervade a particular culture at a particular time. They also allow us to better understand the human condition.

It is impossible to escape the sciences, especially in this modern era. Hence, we need to strike the right balance between the arts and the sciences.

I hope all of us can come together to establish an equilibrium point that contains the correct hybrid of logic and creativity to develop our students more holistically.

Ashley Tan Yu Yi, 15, Secondary 3 student

This article was first published on Nov 4, 2015.
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