Fire-safety features of Sentosa monorail

We assure the public that the Sentosa Express is a safe monorail system designed with features that meet the stringent regulatory standards for railways in Japan ("What if fire broke out on Sentosa monorail"; Tuesday).

Our monorail system is powered by an electric circuit running along the track, and the train's structure and interiors are made of non-combustible materials. As such, the likelihood of a fire breaking out on the Sentosa Express is extremely low.

For additional safety, our trains are also equipped with automatic heat detection sensors and a fire suppression system.

When heat is detected at the undercarriage of the train, an alarm will be triggered to alert the train captain, and the in-built fire suppression system will automatically discharge a dry chemical powder to extinguish the fire.

In the event of a fire, the train captain will take the train to the nearest station for immediate passenger evacuation. Each train is fitted with four fire extinguishers; there are also fire extinguishers on each station platform.

Concurrently, Sentosa's operations control centre will activate the Sentosa Rangers and Singapore Civil Defence Force (SCDF) to provide necessary assistance.

The Sentosa Rangers has a Workforce Skills Qualifications-certified team called Cert (Company Emergency Response Team) that is audited by the SCDF, to attend to any fire prior to the SCDF's arrival.

As part of emergency procedures, our service staff will secure and cordon off the stations, and work expeditiously to get all our guests to safety.

Safety is a key priority for Sentosa. The Sentosa Rangers and service teams will continue to work closely with the authorities to conduct regular safety drills on various scenarios, to fine-tune and improve our emergency response procedures.

Koh Piak Huat
Divisional Director, Operations
Island Operations
Sentosa Leisure Management

This article was first published on Dec 19, 2014.
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