Food combinations that are weird yet delicious at the same time

When I was still in secondary school, one of my favourite snacks at McDonald's was eating fries with soft-serve ice-cream, at the same time.

Each salty fry would be dipped in vanilla ice cream, or dunked in a vanilla sundae with chocolate sauce. I was eating chocolate-covered potatoes way before Japanese confectioner Royce sold them here.

For some reason, the salty and sweet combination worked for me. And it did for others too, as I found other friends who shared the same 'weird' palate I had.

But there are food combinations that remain too 'far out' for me. 

Users from the secret-sharing app Whisper revealed their favourite bizarre food pairings, which included disturbing concoctions such as pickles with frosting, and grapefruit with string cheese.

The items listed made my skin crawl. I cringed at pickles dipped in peanut butter, and almost gagged at the mention of a jello-mayo dessert. But I realised, who am I to judge? Fries and ice cream must seem odd to others too.

On the otherhand, photos on lifestyle blog Asian Town show mouth-watering food items I have never heard of before, such as 'breakfast Jenga' and pizza fries. Now those, I wouldn't mind trying.

If you are feeling adventurous, perhaps you could have a go at some of these weird food combinations listed below.