Food dumper: Same problem at Yishun Ring Road

I refer to the report, "High-rise food-waste dumper caught on video" (The New Paper, March 31).

I sympathise with the plight faced by the victim, Mr Ken Kee and I support his efforts to catch the neighbour who had been dumping food out of her kitchen window and staining his family's laundry hung out to dry.

My neighbours and I have been facing similar problems at our HDB block in Yishun Ring Road since mid-last year. Food waste, cigarette butts, used tissue papers and even sanitary pads have been thrown down.

If they do not land on the vehicles, they end up at the foot of the block and add to the cleaners' work.

I contacted the authorities late last year, but until today, no action has been taken and the problem continues.

I urge the grassroots organisations, especially the residents' committees, to work with the relevant government agencies and the town councils to investigate and take enforcement action before something bad happens.

HDB residents should also continue to be educated on the proper way to dispose of their waste.

This article was published on April 3 in The New Paper.

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