This 10,000-yen sushi cake is overflowing with roe and fatty tuna

Forget log cakes this Christmas. Why not indulge in a sushi cake?

Better known as a conveyor belt sushi chain, Kappa Sushi's 10,000-yen (S$123) creation doesn't come cheap.

But with ingredients like ikura (salmon roe) and otoro (fatty tuna belly), who's complaining?

The ultimate cake for sushi lovers comes wrapped with a furoshiki (Japanese wrapping cloth), Japanese-language news blog RocketNews24 reported.

Unfurl it and you will see a wooden sushi tub used to hold the sushi delights.

There are over two dozen thick-cut slices of otoro, while the centre is filled to the brim with a fountain of ikura - enough to fill 50 pieces of ikura sushi!

Instead of flour, the base of this 'cake' is made up of cooked vinegared rice.

Gold powder flakes are also sprinkled on the otoro, giving the dish an extra glam factor.

There is no etiquette on how the sushi cake should be eaten. Mix it, scoop it, or wrap it with nori (dried seaweed) - anything goes, RocketNews24 said, citing a Kappa Sushi spokesperson.

But it may be a misnomer to call it a cake - the dish looks more like a donburi (rice bowl) than a confection. However, Kappa Sushi thought the word 'cake' would give the dish a festive ring - which is apt since it's only available until Jan 9, 2017.

Fingers crossed for some Turkey Sushi then?