At $16 a piece, these are the world's most expensive potato chips

Not all potato chips are junk food.

A Swedish brewery recently made what could be the world's most "gourmet" potato chips, using fancy ingredients such as matsutake mushrooms picked from northern Swedish forests, truffle seaweed from the Faroe Islands and crown dill from the Bjare peninsula.

The spuds themselves are all grown and harvested from a hillside in northern Sweden, according to St Eriks Brewery, which collaborated with a chef from the Swedish National Culinary Team to create the crisps.

The potato chips have been dubbed the world's most expensive with a price tag of US$59 (S$80) per box of five - which averages to about S$16 apiece.

All 100 boxes of these limited edition crisps were sold out shortly after they went on sale a few weeks ago, and it is unclear whether there will be another round of them for us to snack on in the future.

And if you're wondering why a brewery is in the business of making potato chips, St Eriks said they were unable to find a snack "of the same status" that complements their India pale ale.