18 soup pairings for your social anxieties

If you generally hate social interactions and would always rather be in bed than at a party, you probably know the feeling of getting extreme social anxiety over day-to-day occurrences.

And while it can be hard to get over that anxiety, Mashable has figured out a temporary solution: Soup.

That's right - we researched the historical backgrounds and nutritional information of 18 different soups and paired them with 18 specific, cringeworthy social interactions.

While these soups probably won't make the evil voice in the back of your head go away or cure clinically-diagnosed anxiety, they will be a temporary reminder that life can be warm and wonderful - when you're home alone watching TV, avoiding holiday family stuff or anything else that caused you to emotional turmoil.

Click through the gallery to seeĀ our 18 ultimate soup-social anxiety pairings.

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