27 cents drinks are hot sellers

GEORGE TOWN - Fancy sipping kopi-o or teh-o at 70 sen (S$0.27) per glass in Penang?

If you think it is impossible to find such items at rock-bottom prices, think again, as a stall operator has proven critics wrong by maintaining drink prices despite the price hike in consumer goods.

Yusuf Abdullah Ong, 65, who has been selling beverages for 15 years, wants consumers to enjoy their drinks without having to dig deeper into their pockets.

Operating a rented stall in Jalan Jelutong, Yusuf told the New Straits Times he did not want to increase consumers' financial burden in light of escalating living costs.

"Malaysians are feeling the brunt of higher consumer prices every day.

"I do not see the point in raising kopi-o and teh-o prices as my operating costs are low.

"We are talking in the range of 10 sen per cup."

He said the prices of coffee and tea drinks (with milk) remained a steal at 80 sen each while kopi ais and teh ais were priced at RM1 each.

"Everyone is struggling to fork out money to meet financial obligations, so I am just doing my part to bring cheer to consumers."

A check at the stall yesterday showed business was bustling, with regular customers ordering takeaway items in packets.

In Penang, the average prices of kopi-o and teh-o are RM1 each, with ice-added coffee and tea drinks at RM1.40 each.

Customer, Mohd Nor Ariffin, 73, lauded Yusuf for not resorting to profiteering and for keeping prices low.

"I cannot find another stall in Penang selling drinks at low prices.

"Yusuf has set an example on how to lessen consumers' financial burden.

"He even offers discounts for bulk orders."

Another customer, chicken retailer Ahmad Rashid, 35, credited Yusuf for his generosity.

"The cheap drinks are something we look forward to after long and stressful work days."