30 days of desserts

30 days of desserts

The simple chocolate cakes and apple crumbles of yesteryear are making way for trendy treats that come in all manner of appearance and flavour. Fall in love with these creations - there's one for each day of the month.

Boozy delights

For the times when "normal" desserts can't lift your mood, these alcohol-laced delights will make that bad day a little better.

Asian Pride

From traditional Asian ingredients to reinvented local classics, the desserts menu is getting a good representation from this side of the world.

The Beauty Queens

There are desserts, and then there are these edible works of art. Whip out your cameras - these are absolutely Instagram-worthy.


These desserts are easy on your palate, so go ahead and indulge in one - or two!

Artisanal chocolate

These chocolatey reinventions - sometimes spicy, sometimes savoury, and always edgy - make classic molten chocolate fondants look positively frumpy.

Click on the gallery below to find out where to lay your hands - and sink your teeth into - these yummy desserts. On the next page, find out what our local top pastry chefs have to say about the desserts scene.

Sweet inspiration

Singapore's top pastry chefs tell Ruby Tan what's next in the world of desserts.

Laurent Bernard
managing director at Laurent Bernard Chocolatier

"When it comes to chocolate, consumers are becoming increasingly savvy and are requesting for chocolate made with beans from specific places - those from South America, particularly Venezuela, are in demand now."

My favourite dessert is: "Anything by Raffles Singapore's pastry chef Gael Etrillard, such as the Opera Framboise Earl Grey cake - he is, in my opinion, one of the most talented pastry chefs in Singapore."

Bruno Menard
Chef at &Made and La Cantine

"The design of desserts will go beyond mere aesthetics - chefs will create them with functionality in mind, without sacrificing their taste. Spanish food design company Papila, for example, has created a sugar stick - a lollipop that you dip into any drink you're having and it takes on that drink's flavour."

My favourite dessert is: "The Kueh Salat from Bengawan Solo. One of my favourite Asian flavours is pandan - it's so unique to this part of the world. I love how the flavour combines so well with the creaminess of coconut milk."

Thierry Delourneaux
Executive pastry chef at Fairmont Singapore and Swissotel The Stamford

"Desserts with a combination of sweet and savoury fl avours. I recently tried the Banana Rice Pudding from Pollen, which has a good balance of the two. It has a savoury scoop of madras curry ice cream served atop a saccharine mixture of corn, coconut puree, light coconut cream and slices of banana. A unique fusion indeed."

My favourite dessert is: "Ice kachang, because it reminds me of a childhood treat in the Caribbean called Snow Bowl. I like the surprising combination of red beans, corn and grass jelly. A stall that I frequent for my fi x is 88 Shan Ren Cold & Hot Dessert at Newton Food Centre."

Janice Wong
Owner and founder of 2am:dessertbar

"I foresee more chefs incorporating traditional Asian fl avours into their desserts. Chef Willin Low of Wild Rocket, for example, has created the Double Peanut Fudge ice cream, which was inspired by the traditional peanut brittle candy, gong tng. I'm working on a series of spreads, including a pandan gula melaka-flavoured one."

My favourite dessert is: "Anything that is green tea-flavoured. The Green Tea Parfait at Sun with Moon Japanese Dining & Cafe is one of my must-eats."

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