36 Taiwanese get food poisoning in Seoul

TAIPEI, Taiwan- 36 tourists from Taiwan were sent to an emergency room in Seoul yesterday, according to CNA, after members from the tour group began to experience diarrhoea and vomiting following a Samgyeopsal (Korean pork barbeque) at a local restaurant.

The group, touring Korea under the Lions Travel Group, consisted of 67 people. After landing in the Incheon airport on Dec. 24, the group visited the Everland theme park on the 25th with their destination set for the Namiseom Island in Chuncheon. Following the theme park, the group dined at Ever Sky, a large scale tourist restaurant known for its long-running experience in catering to large groups of foreign tourists.

After retuning to the hotel, 36 members from the Taiwanese group began to develop symptoms of food poisoning, including diarrhoea and vomiting. The most severe of cases included a middle school student Chen Pei-yu who experienced the symptoms more than 10 times.

Secretary Wang Chieh-shun of the Taipei Mission in Korea was dispatched under immediate response to aid with the situation, after all 36 of the patients have been diagnosed with acute enteritis as a result of food poisoning after being rushed to the emergency clinic at a Seoul hospital, where they were treated and prescribed medications that helped with the symptoms.

Due to the rest of the tourists as well as the bus driver developing no sign of illness, the reason behind the mass food poisoning has yet to be determined. Currently, all medical expenses are temporarily covered by Lotte JPB, the Korean partner of Lions Travel Group, who hopes for a full recovery of the group so they can complete the remainder of their trip.