This 48kg Korean woman eats enough to feed 100 people daily

In case you were unaware, watching people eat is basically the go-to sport in South Korea. For some reason, it's the most fascinating thing to do out there.

However, there's probably no one can eat as much as Tae Ryun Huh, reports Elite Daily.

The female food-gobbler works at a school in South Korea where she invited television cameras to come in and film her daily eating habits.

This is one woman you'd never see showcased on the "You Did Not Eat That" Instagram account. Mostly because 10 times out of 10, she definitely ate that!

Now, this woman is approximately 105 pounds (48kg), but for some reason, she has the bizarre ability to eat for about 100 people on a daily basis. It honestly makes very little sense.

In the television programme, she begins her day by devouring two school meals.

She gets hungry after lunch, so she orders a snack. And by snack, we mean 10 hamburgers and 10 orders of fries. Leaving a fry behind is considered a criminal offence in Huh's world.

Oh, and just in case she gets hungry after that, she has a fully-stocked snack cabinet.

After work, the TV cameras joined her at the supermarket where she filled up two shopping carts with food. Five packs of noodles for dinner is lightweight for this woman. Leaving the broth behind is also a criminal offence in her world.

To answer all of our questions: She keeps her perfect figure by jump roping!

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