5 hacks for saving money when you eat out

Eating out is a lot of fun, but it can really put a dent in your budget. Here's how to go out on the town without breaking the bank.

1. Know the menu ahead of time

Take a look online before you go out. Know the specials and avoid being impulsive.

2. Drink in bulk

Suggest splitting a bottle of wine or a pitcher of cocktails. Some restaurants even allow you to bring in your own booze.

3. Go vegetarian

Veggie dishes often cost less than their meaty counterparts. You'll save money and will be making a healthier choice.

4. Outsource dessert

A good night out involves multiple venues. Head to the ice cream shop down the street after dinner.

5. Get rewards

If you find yourself eating out a lot, use that to your advantage. Get a credit card that gives cashback for restaurant purchases.

Bon appetit, and happy saving!